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Brown Blinds

Are you in or around the Fresno area and looking for a top tier interior design service to come spruce up those shutters of yours.


Have you been looking for a local interior designer, with a specialization for blinds and various blinds related things?

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We just so happens to be a fabulous interior design service in the area that DOES specialize in shades and drapes.

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Why not hire the leading interior decorator in the entire Hanford and Fresno area?

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What if we told you that there just so happens to be a fabulous company in the area that specializes in granite?

Interior Design

We are Classic Interior Designs Inc, the premier choice in the Fresno area for anything and everything interior design related.

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Here at Classic Interior Designs Inc, we pride ourselves on being able to take great care of our customers.

Interior Design

Here at Classic Interior Designs Inc, we understand the importance of having great customer relations.

Interior Design

Here at Classic Interior Designs Inc, we really do pride ourselves on making your home look wonderful.

Interior Design

Here at Interior Design Co, we know that having a great staff can go a very long way in any business, not just ours.


Have you been thinking about completely re-doing the interior of your home, and you want to bring in a professional local interior designer to give it a little bit of an extra oomph and panache? Here at Interior Designs, we have so many different options and services, you are almost certain to find something to fit your needs.

Our work


At Interior Designs, we pride ourselves on having the very best interior design services in the industry. Our prices are great, always kept fair and competitive because we like to show our appreciation to our clients. Our customer service is off the charts, we hold our staff members to a much higher standard of customer care than your average interior design firm, and the result is a nearly flawless customer experience. All in all, we are the best interior decorators you will find in the Fresno area.


So if you want to make sure your home looks absolutely gorgeous and get a top quality interior designer service (shutters, blinds, you name it!), get the best in the business with Interior Designs. Call today and we can get you some more info!



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